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Master of Business Administration

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Business managers are amongst the highest earners in the country today. An MBA degree from a reputed Management School, almost always guarantees high salary opportunities provided the candidate has cared to train and develop the necessary skills besides a good knowledge base. Business managers are required in almost all types of companies. So finding employment after getting an MBA degree from a reputed institute is not much of a problem. Business managers are required to form and lead work teams to ensure completion of projects or achievements of business targets in optimum cost, quality and time frame.

Coming together is a beginning: keeping together is progress: working together is success. Henry Ford

All aspects of a business are divided into broad categories or sub-divisions to ensure smooth operation, effective achievements through well coordinated & well directed efforts and management. A business manager is put in charge of one such team to ensure that the team does its work and also ties up with the other teams to take the company ahead in competition. Though business management courses are expensive, one can take study loan and if one passes out from a reputed institute, the loan can easily be paid off within two or three years of working. Therefore, one must ensure that one does one’s business management degree from a reputed institute and not from any low profile or unrecognized institute which have mushroomed in this atmosphere of high demand for business managers, and can provide only low value placements.

The exact nature of the work is often too varied and substantially dependent on job role & responsibility profile but at entry level is usually of the nature of being in- charge of a small sub-division / unit and overseeing its proper functioning. e.g. in sales & marketing, a territory, area or region or a product or service group or a function such as advertising, sales promotion etc

Scope: Almost all kinds of business and industrial companies look for business managers. IT companies, banks, oil companies, financial services & insurance companies, event management companies, trade and manufacturing companies, chemical companies, telecom, FMCG, Consumer Durables, Marketing Agencies, Importing & Exporting companies and consultants are only some of the wide range of companies which visit College Campuses looking for entry level talent; with most of these sectors growing, there is a healthy and keen demand for entry level MBA talent. MBAs are in great demand even in international markets.

Corporates which recruit SGI Master of Business Administration students

The remuneration for business managers is among the highest in the country and starting from Rs. 2 lakh/p.a. to Rs.5 lakh/p.a. at the entry level is a common range if one holds a good MBA degree from good business management institutes. For IIMs & equivalent institutes and capable students, the upper limit can stretch to 2 to 3 times of this (Rs. 5 – 20 lakh p.a.) and even higher for those placed overseas. The remuneration for those holding an MBA degree and a bachelor’s degree in a discipline which is also concerned with that kind of work domain enhances the expertise and also the remuneration. B.Tech / MBA, B.Com / MBA / ICWA / CA, or IT / MBA are some such prized combinations.

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