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Electronics & Communication Engineering (VLSI Design)

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Electronics & Communication Engineering, which is a merger of two basic branches viz., Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors of industry. It covers a wide range of applications that we daily require and which makes our lives easier and enjoyable such as Television, Radio, i-pods, computers, telecommunication, mobile phones, internet, VOIP (voice over internet protocol) etc. They help us to see, hear and communicate over vast distances and do things faster.

I walk slowly, but I never walk backward. Abraham Lincioln

Brief: A merger of Telecommunication Engineering very substantially enhances the employability domain of these engineers as they become more suited for Telecom; hardware and Networking, applications of all kinds, embedded system applications and Mobile computing software applications and several hi-tech hi growth allied areas such as VLSI Design and fabrication and Mobile computing and software development etc with some added specialization. This enlarges the job prospects as also opens up more lucrative career options.

Scope: An electronics & communication engineer can get a job in Central Government, State Governments and their sponsored corporations in public sector and in all wings of the Armed Forces and also many of the government and private organizations e.g. All India Radio, Doordarshan & Television Companies, Indian Telephone Industries, MTNL, National Physical Laboratories, Civil Aviation Department; Post and Telegraph Department; Co-ordination Department, Telecom & Radar equipment manufacturers like Bharat Electronics Limited, and users like Railways, Defence, Aerospace etc.

Development Centers in various States & private companies dealing in manufacture, sales and services of electronics consumer goods and appliances. Electronics and communication engineers are also absorbed into the entertainment, consumer electronics, consumer durables, transmission industry, research establishments, and specialized defence products like signalling equipments, radar control equipments etc.

Corporates which recruit SGI Electronics & Communication Engineering students

Software Companies:

  • TCS
  • Infosys
  • Satyam- Mahindra
  • L & T Infotech
  • HCL
  • I-Gate
  • NIIT Technologies
  • Torry Harris
  • Wipro Infotech
  • EDS
  • Webcom
  • R-Systems
  • Global Logic
  • Netchasers
  • Sapient
  • Sapient Informatics
  • Accenture
  • Daffodil Software….


Networking Companies:

  • HCL Infosystem
  • Data Armor
  • Spanco
  • Hughes Communication
  • Idea
  • Tata Tele Services
  • Sterling Telecom Electronics Companies
  • Sasken
  • Z-Teck
  • Electro Com
  • Sony Ericsson
  • L.G. Electronics
  • Control & Switchgears
  • TNS
  • Abacus
  • All the three wings of Indian armed forces viz. Army, Navy and Airforce…

The opportunities are limited only by the aptitude, training and preparation of the candidates. Beginning with minimum of Rs. 2.2 lakh/p.a. to Rs. 4.5 lakh/p.a. for entry level jobs, bright students are able to secure offers as high as Rs. 4.5 – Rs. 6.5 lakh/p.a. with specialized training in Mobile computing, VLSI Design etc. Sky is the limit for experienced professionals.

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