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Environmental Engineering

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B Tech Environmental Engineering at Sharda Group of Institutions is a 4-year undergraduate program that deals with protecting people from the effects of unfavorable environmental effects like pollution and improving environmental quality. Environmental engineers work to streamline water disposal, control water and air pollution, recycle products and improve public health.


Environmental engineering is concerned with the effective application of various scientific and engineering principles for the protection of living beings from the adverse environmental factors. An environmental engineer learns designing and construction and maintenance of the waste management system. Environmental engineers use the principles of engineering, biology, social science and chemistry to develop solutions to environmental issues. They also work to address global issues such as climate change, unsafe drinking water, and environmental sustainability.

Engineering is the art of directing the great sources of power in nature for the use and convenience of man. Thomas Tredgold

Programme Structure : The curriculum for B.Tech Environmental Engineering at Sharda Group of Institutions is designed to provide orientation to the aspirants towards the proper implementation of technology in the field of environmental protection. It includes the subjects like geotechnical and hydro-geological engineering, engineering graphics, design hydrology, municipal Hydraulics engineering, waste management and pollution control engineering etc.


During the program students are also given the knowledge on various techniques to identify and assess different risk factors. Emphasis is given on various principles of science, economics, commerce and social science to solve contemporary issues. Students are also introduced to environmental chemistry that focuses on the presence and impact of chemicals and other materials on the environment. Students also get practical experience during the program to understand real-world situations.


Programme Objectives

  • To provide solid foundation to students in science, mathematics and technical skills required to analyze and design environmental engineering systems
  • To instill strong written and effective communication skills in the students
  • To make students familiar with the emerging and current environmental engineering issues and have an understanding of social and ethical responsibilities
  • To instill decision-making and leadership skills in the graduates
  • Graduates will have the necessary qualifications for employment in this field and related professions.

What environmental engineers will do?

Environmental engineers typically do the following:

  • Prepare and review environmental investigation reports
  • Design projects leading to environmental protection
  • Provide technical support for environmental remediation projects
  • Monitor the progress of environment improvement programs
  • Advise organizations and government agencies about the procedures for cleaning up contaminated sites


  • Duration: 4 Years

Qualification: 10+2 pass from a recognized board or university with Physics, Chemistry, English and Mathematics as compulsory subjects and a minimum of 50% marks.

Scope/Career Prospects: The scope for the environmental engineers is immense in both India as well as abroad as the discipline requires people from diverse backgrounds including biological, thermal, chemical, mechanical and radioactive engineering.  Career prospects after pursuing environmental engineering at Sharda Group of Institutions are huge and graduates can work in various industry segments including NGOs, research centers and government departments.  Central Pollution Board of India also recruits environment engineers for various posts. Many private firms also hire environmental engineers for various projects at national and international levels. They can work as lead project engineers, hydrologists, natural science managers, Sr. reservoir engineers, technical engineer managers, scientists and specialists etc.

The concern is world wide as well as in India. Governmental regulations for pollution control and waste disposal are becoming stricter by the year and so also the industry is waking up to its obligations and responsibilities. Mankind still has a lot to learn when it comes to protecting the environment and the need and pressure for the same is growing.

Corporates which recruit SGI Environmental Engineering students

Several water purification, waste disposal and recycling companies, pollution control agencies are recruiting SGI students in addition to several civil engineering firms like

• SIMA Labs

• Larsen and Toubro (ECC Division) Ltd.

• JMC Project Co. Ltd.

• Hindustan Constructions Ltd.

• ERA Infrastructures Ltd.

• Oriental Constructions Ltd.

• Simplex Infrastructure Ltd.

• Continental Engg. Ltd.

• Punj Lloyd Ltd.

• Lloyd Insulations Ltd.

• Kanwar Enterprises Ltd.

• Piaggio Ltd.

• Orissa Cement Ltd.

• AIMIL Ltd.

• MES-UES…..

Salaries are a minimum of Rs. 2.2 lakh p.a. to Rs. 4.5. lakh p.a. in the beginning. Senior engineers (with 8 to 10 yrs. exp.) can expect 3 to 4 times of the above.

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