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Diploma in Civil Engineering is a diploma level engineering course that specializes in the design, construction, and maintenance of physical and naturally-built environment, such as roads, bridges, canals, dams and buildings.

Civil Engineering touches the lives of everyone and has an intimate relationship with our natural environment. Civil engineers apply engineering principles to balance the society with technical and economic feasibility. In view of this the department emphasizes on sustainability within the built environment through green engineering in our teaching.

A Civil Engineering is responsible for all building structures- comprising the planning, design, budgeting, construction management, developing national wide transport systems, water supply networks, surveying and analysis-and civil engineers should except to use all these skills regardless of their specialization. Civil engineering is a rapidly advancing industry, constantly adapting to contemporary developments and concerns, such as pollution, water shortages and sustainable energies.

A Civil engineering covers scientific topics; mechanics, hydraulics, materials and structural analysis. These foundation subjects will be complemented with the development of design skills, computer-aided design in particular. The final years of any diploma will involve the conception of several personal or team projects.


Course Intake of Diploma(CE) is 60 seats.


Diploma in Civil Engineering Eligibility

  • Aspiring students should have completed 10th class or its equivalent examination.
  • The student must have studied English as one of the subjects in Class X.


Program fee Amount
Yearly Fee 45,000/- INR
Other fee details Amount
Book Bank Fee (Payable Once at the time of Admission) 7,000/- INR
Caution Money (Refundeble) 8,000/- INR
Transportation Charge (Bus Fee)(Per Annum)** 21,000/- INR
Hostel Charges + Security Deposit (Refundable)** 68,000 + 5,000/- INR
  • University Examination Fee/Pre-Enrollment Registration Fee is payable extra to the University as demanded by the University.
  • Caution money (refundable) to be deposited extra.
  • College Uniform/Dress Code as per college norms shall be compulsory, but students have to arrange it at their own cost from market sources.
Admission Open 2023-24