About HCST Research


At SGI, The Research & Development cell (R&D) provides administrative and managerial support for focused efforts to give expression to the creative urges of both faculty & students using R&D tools & techniques. In order to keep pace with today’s knowledge based economy, students and faculty alike or encourage to acquire new & state of the art knowledge to become next generation innovators; and product developers.

Research support activities are aimed at developing and integrating technologies both in emerging areas and in traditional sectors through innovation in product & services. Feasibility of fresh ideas & concepts are assessed for their potential into useful technology & product output.

For R&D Projects, Rs. 1 crore/year grant has been sanctioned & an equal amount is also available as incentive to faculty for publishing papers in refereed journals & organizing conferences. Interested students can avail of Summer & Winter jobs for R&D projects. This facility is also available to students for their Final Year project.


The aims & objectives of R&D Cell include Administrative Support, which are mentioned below:

  1.  To motivate the faculty members of the group for R&D activities in the area of their interest.
  2.  To promote Research and Training among faculty members through In-house funding & sponsored Research projects.
  3. To promote B.Tech final year students research projects and innovations.
  4.  To develop infrastructure and central facilities for optimal resource utilization.
  5.  To promote co-operation between R&D public funding institutions and liaison with user institutions/companies for consultancy and sponsored projects.
  6.  To create environment for faculty/students for opting for live projects, industry, Govt. sponsored projects.
  7. To collaborate with institutions of higher learning in India as well developed countries for Sandwich programmes/ Joint research projects.
  8. To develop modules for summer training for faculty of engineering colleges to upgrade their knowledge and skill.
  9. To make efforts for setting up entrepreneur training center in collaboration with SIDBI, NRDC & NGOs.
  10. To encourage faculty members of all the disciplines in engineering/science /humanities in R&D activities for their professional growth.
  11. To fulfil corporate social responsibility towards community.
  12. Conference /Symposium / Seminar / live workshop etc.
  13. **Skill Development under the scheme of Government of India, in association with National Skill Development Corporation & sector skill councils (part of a Govt. of India initiative with Industry support).
  14. For Engg. students: Higher education segment level 5, 6 & 7.
  15. MOU signed in 10 Sectors: Training started in IT, ITES, Electronics & Telecom sectors.


The main functions of R&D Cell include Administrative Support, which are mentioned below:

  1. In-house Project Grant to faculty.
  2. Sponsored Research Projects. 
  3. Consultancy Jobs. 
  4. Collaboration with Institutions in India and Abroad.
  5. AICTE funded Projects.
  6. Promotion of Institute-Industry interaction.
  7. Patents, Know-how and Transfer of Technology.
  8. Technology Development Projects Initiation Awards for Students (TDP-IAS). 
  9. Research Assistance Grant to students of SGI and elsewhere. 
  10. Selective Scholarships to Research scholars in IInd phase.
  11. Market Research / Business Development.
  12. Conference /Symposium / Seminar / live workshop etc. Search