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As the Chairman of Sharda Group, I have both the opportunity to provide forward-looking leadership and to ensure that Sharda becomes a model of excellence in education for the country in the years to come. If I had to state what differentiates Sharda Group, I would without a doubt say that it is how we bring together incredibly diverse groups of students from 85+ countries and global faculty in an intensive learning experience.

Moreover, Sharda gleans great advantage from its valuable industry network, which equips our students with essential knowledge and skills to excel in today’s highly competitive world. Although we offer programmes in a variety of academic disciplines, our goal is your success. All our programmes focus on professional fields with strong current and future prospects to provide a degree that works for you. And, we surround you with a supportive and helpful academic community to encourage your personal growth and success. I welcome you to be a part of this amazing experience!

When you come to Sharda, you are choosing a university that has been raising the bar of excellence in education since 2009. Behind this success was the experience of almost a decade in managing a large conglomerate of education institutions with infrastructure and education delivery processes benchmarked with the best. The experiential education that our graduates have received while at Sharda has empowered them to solve real-world challenges.

Whether through joining the workforce, continuing on with further studies, launching an entrepreneurial venture, or forging a different path, Shardas graduates have brought their ‘Think and Do’ spirit out into the world. With a reputation of being India’s only global university with students from 85+ countries, our passion for the areas of expertise we operate in and our cordial relationship with industry, you can be sure that Sharda will help you find your future.

An investment in higher education is a life-changing decision that will affect your career growth. Whatever programme you choose, we will support you with the very best academic staff and state-of-the-art facilities.

We commend you on making the right choices and taking the right action thus far along your journey in pursuit of an excellent education.

At SHARDA, education is planned as an entire end-to-end process from your very first day, to equip you to be integrated productively with industry and society in a manner that enables you to learn and grow for life. You will study with the finest world-class faculty, using optimal contemporary international pedagogies and industry-integrated infrastructure and syllabi; and all through your journey, you will enjoy the excellent academic advantages and international access that emerge from our tie-ups with the finest universities and institutions across the world.

Your broad range of skills and your tremendous potential will be recognised by top corporates and national institutions of repute, once you complete your education here.
I wish you all the best for your career.

Welcome to a new beginning!

Good education is the most empowering means for securing a future in today’s knowledge driven world. Cost of such empowering education, is perhaps the most important investment that parents can make on behalf of their wards. It was a decisive moment in year 1996 when the Sharda Group was established with the above vision, and started offering a range of multidimensional professional courses of world class quality which bears testimony to our commitment to the citizens of our state and our country.

We at SHARDA GROUP emphasize on interactive & experiential learning methodology, innovative teaching and two-way participative & facilitative communication process. This provides an intellectually stimulating and responsive environment for young students to easily & firmly absorb the content, and become knowledgeable & skilled. Modern amenities and infrastructure facilities, dedicated faculty and picturesque surroundings provide the perfect ambience for all-round growth, to which gets added development courses on personality, Soft Skills & values thus generating the confidence to meet the challenges of the modern industrial & business world, and at the same time to hold steady to values & sense of social responsibility, amidst all the volatility and turbulence of a competitive working world.

I take this opportunity to welcome all the budding & career oriented young minds desirous of studying at SHARDA and wish them the very best of learning experience with us and successful career ahead.

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