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Student Connect Program (SCP)

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As envisioned by our Hon’ble Chairman, Shri. PK Gupta, Sharda group believes in value based education and is leaving no stone unturned in this regard. As a part of our group CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activity , with initiatives , it is our privilege to share our best teaching & learning practices with the school community which plays a very important role in laying the foundation stones for tomorrow’s professionals – pave the way for a new era of Budding  Ramanujan’s & Einstein’s!


Sharda Group through its CSR initiative “STUDENT CONNECT PROGRAM” intends to help school students with their needs by catering to their academic, socio-psychological needs, and provide a range of services such as career counseling, psychometric tests, social networking platform, and many others. This program is expected to enable the SGI in becoming a valuable guide in the formative years of students. Currently the Sharda Science Olympiad (SSO) and Multiple Intelligence Test based career counselling are in great demand & over 15000 students from over 400 schools across U.P. Bihar, Jharkhand & N.E. eagerly participate in these tests & counselling session. (For more details on this refer our SCP Portal

Why Student Connect Program?

Most often we find that students who pass out from high school lack enough skill sets to be successful in college. The paucity of these social, emotional, psychological & technical skills is reflected in poor performance in the job market.

The ability to motivate self, communicate, associate with teams, solve problems creatively, and adapt to changing conditions are some of the basic requirements in today’s challenging, cut throat competitive atmosphere. Due to this, we at SGI understanding the need of the hour, have taken this as our moral and Corporate Social responsibility to empower the students, to meet, counsel and guide the students for a better future, and create a better informed tomorrow for themselves.


The purpose of the Student Connect Program is to impart value-based knowledge & guidance to a student in their formative years & thereby enable them to take informed decisions when the time comes in career & life.


Student Connect Program is an endeavour:

To disseminate required quality information in the age of information overload.

To impart enough guidance what will be his/her suitable vocations and skill sets; be it social, emotional, psychological or technical for a wholesome 360 degree development of the student into a successful professional or entrepreneur.

Provide access to the state of the art infrastructure and learning resources, in this regard including softwares & psychometric tests not easily available to children & parents.

Objectives of SCP

Student Connect Program aims to enhance a students’ awareness of his strengths & weaknesses in terms of core competencies viz. Spoken English, Logic & Reasoning, Problem solving. Below are its objectives :


–  Guide student’s on how to develop Academic, Social & Emotional skills.

–  Open Day : Live Counseling and campus tour in SGI colleges.

–  Virtual Platform for students where they can test their intelligence, social and psychological needs skills and technical know how.

Activities of SCP

We undertake the following activities through our Student Connect Programme :


Career Counseling

–  Many students start preparing for entrance examinations from class XI and are often confused about stream (Engineering, Medicine and Commerce) they should opt for.

–  Many active schools’ administrations have tried to bridge this information gap by establishing ‘Career Counseling’ cells. However, most of them lack exposure to current market trends and access to scientific methodology for assessment based counseling.

–  We offer to assist the students & schools by helping them in identifying the correct stream or career option by conducting career counseling sessions in schools & by using scientific methods such as  psychometric testing, career inventory tests & personal psychometric profiling accompanied with expert guidance from counselors, as well as latest  international softwares in this regard.


One-Stop Website for Students

There are many active websites in the area of counseling and guiding the students which meet only a few requirements of users, but not all. Hence, the need for a One Stop Shop that can satisfy most needs of various users, be it related to academic career/training/tests, psychologist, co-curricular (sports, music, etc.) is a step in this direction.


Campus Tour of SGI campuses

–  Firsthand exposure to the infrastructure (Labs, Workshops, Libraries) facilities & the teaching methodologies adopted in our group colleges.

–  Expert advice from academicians par excellence and experts in their respective fields (more than 100+ PhD scholars).

The Beneficiaries

We sincerely believe that with the above offerings, the Student Connect Program would help :


–  Students: Aspiring to enter prestigious universities and colleges in India & abroad after passing the 12th examination.

–  Parents: Who have children studying in class X-XII and are actively involved in their children’s education.

–  Teachers and School Administration: Assist schools that are in need or on short of resources & expert academic support.

Admission Open 2023-24