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Training And Skill Development

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A major challenge facing the 21st century India is to reduce the growing education-employment gap. There is a compelling argument between the academia and Industry, about what the industries want and what the education providers teach.


The Prime objective of the Training and Development department is dovetailing and ensuring a very tight relationship between what the industries / employers want & integrate it with what our institutes teach, and making them employable.


T&D department intends to impart the students a strong vocational underpinning, and making students ready for prospective employers.


The prospective employer expects the fresh Engineering and Business graduates to be well prepared in all their key areas for employability. Moreover with increasing cost constraints and competition, every employer wants to save their training costs & “billable” manpower with minimum of induction time and training.


The minimum expectation of an employer is Soft Skills: such as ability to work in team, good inter personal skills, self confidence, positive attitude, and proven abilities in handling real life situations by taking quality decisions & problem solving albeit within the framework of sound business ethics & professionalism.

In addition the desired candidate must possess good communication skills especially in English & the regional language. Communication skills mean (listening skills, writing skills and speaking skills and reading skills). All these, are in addition to Domain Knowledge & Industry relevant technical skills.


The T&D department not only concentrates on making our students employable but also focuses on their  holistic development, which prepare our students to succeed in career as well as life is general. The students are engaged in suitably designed activities like exploration of the personalities; developing communication skills, interpersonal & social skills, group discussions, Aptitude tests and personal interview skills. Thus reinforcing the following values:


  •   Integrity
  •   Self Discipline
  •   Reliability
  •   Self Motivation
  •   Entrepreneurship Skills
  •   Team Work
  •   Understanding & Following Instructions
  •   Willingness to Learn.
  •   Flexibility
  •   Empathy.

All this is in addition to good engineering education that focuses on engineering & technology specific skills (ability to use appropriate tools, equipment, technologies and application of Math, Science & English).

Overall the T&D team ensures:


  1. 100 hrs training in workshop mode for every student.
  2. 80 hrs of curriculum embedded classroom training session.
  3. 120 hrs of training in classroom, which include Mock Group Discussions, Mock PIs, Video Recorded GD’s & PIs with Placement Aptitude Preparation Training. We also conduct special training workshops for Placement Aptitude Training from time to time.
  4. Thus, each student is provided an intensive training of 300 hrs in core employability skills by a qualified and dedicated team of 25 plus experienced professional & specialized trainers spread across all the campuses.


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