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Congratulations and welcome to the Sharda family! We are honored that your student is now officially a member of our campus.Now, we will provide inspired academic excellence and an unparalleled campus experience.

Sharda offers limitless opportunity for learning and growing, from our faculty, broadly diverse student body, and wide array of choices for serving the community.

We also provide a celebrated cultural environment, with more visual and performing arts on campus than in many cities, championship athletics, award-winning dining and state-of-the-art living facilities.


We appreciate the trust you have placed in SGI and the high expectations you have for your student’s experience in SGI. I hope that it will serve as an on-going resource to help guide your student during the next four years.

Sharda Team

Welcome to the Sharda Family

Admission to SGI is a distinction that honors not only academic accomplishments but also the kind of personal growth that is achieved only with the love and encouragement of the entire family. So we’re proud to welcome you as well as your student to our vibrant and diverse community. We offer programs to make the process as comfortable as possible. This will serve as a reference tool throughout your student’s time at SGI, whenever you need it. Whether you are a parent or play a support role as a guardian, spouse, partner, grandparent, aunt, uncle or sibling, our New Family Orientation program is designed to provide the tools you need to partner in your student’s success at SGI. You can visit our Parent and Family website at to stay informed and find advice and tips on a wide range of topics related to parenting a college student. Have a question or comment? Use our Parent & Family Helpline no. 0562 4056900 ; we are here to assist you with all things.

Parent Support and Resources

Parent Involvement: Whether your student is a fresher or current student, your involvement in his or her life doesn’t end when college begins. The communication between you and your student may change slightly— or dramatically. But no matter how that communication shifts, the Office of Parent & Family Programs serves as your on-campus resource for helping your student navigate his or her experiences and needs while at SGI.
SGI Office of Parent & Family Programs: The Office of Parent & Family Programs is committed to helping parents and families participate in their student’s experience at SGI. We believe an informed and supportive family plays an integral role in a student’s educational success. To that end, our office is the “one-stop shop” for all of your SGI questions and needs.

 Parent & Family Helpline: 0562 4056900    
Website: Our extensive website provides your family with the resources and tools to easily navigate SGI. We provide a context for interpreting student life, academic expectations, student services and university regulations. The website is also a great resource for useful information on how to make the most of your family’s SGI experience.

Facebook : Your student might not friend you on Facebook, but we will! Our office makes frequent posts, including information on important deadlines, upcoming parent-involvement events and happenings around campus. Parents typically use Facebook as another vehicle to reach our office.

Parent & Family Association

All parents of SGI undergraduate students are members of the Parent & Family Association. As a member of the Association, you may receive invitations to participate in campus and local events.


Access to the Parent & Family Programs website with up-to-date information.

Your Contact Information

You are part of the Sharda family, and we want to make sure you are connected to the campuses. If you have a change of address, email or telephone number, please contact the Office of Parent & Family Programs via the helpline or email. Or, you can update your contact information from home by visiting:


Student Conduct:  With its status as a world-class research institution, it is critical that the college uphold the highest standards of integrity both inside and outside the classroom. As a student and member of the Sharda community, your student is expected to demonstrate integrity in all of his or her academic endeavors. Students are expected to make themselves aware of and comply with the law, as well as with campus policies and regulations. Student Conduct Code have been developed to create and maintain a safe, supportive and inclusive campus community that engages students in order to foster their academic success, personal growth and responsible citizenship.

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