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Bachelor of Pharmacy

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Bachelor of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm.) is an undergraduate 4-year pharmacy program offered by Sharda Group that deals with the manufacturing, sale of life saving drugs and their safe and effective use.  B.Pharm. program focuses on the study of biology, biochemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, physiology, dispensing etc. The course trains students in various aspects of pharmacy and makes them eligible to take multiple responsibilities in the pharmaceutical sector.


B.Pharm. course provides the knowledge of healthcare and biochemical science to the students. Students interested in pharmacy-related positions in healthcare and drug industry can pursue this course. It prepares students for life-long career as pharmacy education experts, clinical researchers and pharmaceutical scientists in healthcare services. With  B.Pharm. Program at Sharda Group, students are provided a learning environment that is nurturing, simulating and inter-disciplinary.

It is easy to get a thousand prescriptions, but hard to get one single remedy - Chinese proverb.

B Pharma Program Structure :

The curriculum of B.Pharma. provides a broad-base education that has a strong foundation in pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences. The foundation in pharmacy sciences serves as a basis for the development of various clinical skills in the areas of pharmacy that are patient oriented. The program curriculum focuses on the use of drugs and well being of the patient. Under the drug modules, students learn the properties of drug molecules and how to use them for biotransformation.


The product modules of the program provide an integrated overview of the healthcare product development process with focus on safety. Under the patient modules, students learn about the structure, disease state and the effect of drugs on the human body. Overall, students acquire a solid foundation in the knowledge of science, a high level of core competencies in pharmacy practice, work attitude, general skills and professional ethics for life-long employability.


The curriculum of B.Pharm. program at Sharda Group has been framed taking into consideration the responsibilities of the students to meet the demands of pharmaceutical industry, at the same time ensuring the patient care and pharmacy practice. We offer inter-disciplinary project based learning to the students with industrial and clinical exposure in health care organizations. Hands on training, case studies, laboratory teaching, group discussion and conferences are the part of curriculum.


Program Objectives : Sharda Group endeavors to nurture an attitude conducive to lifelong and self-learning that would:

  • Not only provide comprehensive education leading to B.Pharm degree but also integrate professional knowledge and skills in the students
  • Empower and sensitize the future pharmacists to serve the health care system
  • To provide experience and hands-on-training with state-of-the-art infrastructure and highly qualified teaching faculty
  • Graduates will be given hands on training on modern technologies and techniques, imparted problem solving skills with focus on professional ethics.

Scope/Career Prospects:  Pharmaceutical industry is rapidly evolving worldwide and a career in this sector has a bright future. B.Pharm. graduates are also qualified for other careers that include:

  • Pharmaceutical sales
  • Pharmaceutical research
  • Drug marketing
  • Drug product testing

Huge opportunities are available in public as well as private sector in India and abroad for B.Pharm. graduates.

Corporates which recruit SGI Bachelor of Pharmacy students
  • Life cell International Ltd.
  • IDS Infotech Ltd.
  • Cryobanks International (P) Ltd.
  • Shreya Life Sciences.
  • Abbott India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Cord Life India.
  • Health watch tele diagnostics
  • Advantmed India LLP.
  • Omics International.
  • Sunshine
  • Shyam biotech pvt Ltd.
  • Juventes.

Generally, the level of remuneration offered to pharmacy graduates is Rs. 2 lakh p.a.- Rs. 4 lakh p.a. initially, going up by 3 to 4 times after 8 to 10 years of experience.

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